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// we represent our environment

Val di Fiemme

We established in Val di Fiemme, in the heart of the Dolomites, a land rich in history, culture and traditions. The value that we created in over 55 years confirms our belonging to this particular area which was organized under a worthy and successful form of self-government of its resources through the establishment of MAGNIFICA COMUNITÀ DI FIEMME, already since the year 1111.
Val di Fiemme Eurostandard

// green technology at service of man and environment


Since several years our front-line efforts are involved towards spreading a model for saving electricity consumption and for sustainable mobility. We have two photovoltaic systems installed either on the roof of the automatic logistic centre of Molina di Fiemme and on that one of Tesero facility, with a total power of 600 kW. 90% of the electric power produced is used for internal consumption.

// intelligent energy efficiency


With the biomass cogeneration plant and the gas one, we cover over 45% of the total factory electricity requirements and 90% of the thermal energy consumption. We use the thermal energy coming from the biomass plant for the heating of Eurostandard facility, while the chilled water (at 12 °C) is used for the cooling of the moulds and the oil of injection machines.
Impianto di cogenerazione a biomassa Eurostandard
Progetto e-bike Eurostandard

// for a sustainable world


The "e-bikes project" involves Eurostandard staff in supporting the mobility along home-to-work routes, using environmentally friendly electrical bicycles for their daily movements. Over 20.000 km were travelled during the year 2023 with a reduction of 2,5 tons of CO2 emissions.