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We are specialized in the manufacturing of plastic materials, involved to grow in the research, in the quality, in the production and distribution of polyethylene PE100 and PE100-RC fittings for water, gas pressure pipelines and fire-fighting plants for industrial application.

The passion for challenges, joined to the continuous research of technical and innovative solutions, was born more than 50 years ago thanks to the founder intuition.

Our commitment in the technological innovation with the introduction of automatic isles equipped with robot and complex machineries, together with a strict control for the safety of the entire manufacturing process allows to offer to the Customer reliable, guaranteed and high quality fittings.

Today we are a business player able to understand and support the market expectations with a competitive product and a complete service. Thanks to its constant willingness to grow and improve, today we are leader in Italy and one of the key players in the international market.

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We want to be a company built to last and to meet the expectations of those who work with us, with particular attention to the environment around us.

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Everywhere by your side in the world

Our worldwide presence allows us to be close to our partners and customers at all times. Technical know-how and innovative ideas are the guarantee for quality products, always meeting the needs and requirements of today and tomorrow.
Everywhere, by your side in the world: in more than 40 countries.

// durability, no corrosion, easy weldable, minimum roughness

PE100 Polyethylene fittings

We are a company specialized in the production, processing and sales of PE100 polyethylene fittings that, in conjunction with pipes, create networks that carry water and gas around the globe.

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