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Our history

EUROSTANDARD: a name conceived more than 55 years ago and became relevant and celebrated in the QUALITY and EURO age. The business adventure started in the year 1965 when Antonio Zeni established Eurostandard SpA, initially as manufacturer of high density polyethylene crates. In the year 1984 Eurostandard turned its activity into the production of polyethylene fittings for pressure pipelines. The know-how in plastic material moulding, supported by leading-edge technologies, entitled Eurostandard to be “true experts in our field”.

This is an original, innovative and successful business idea!

Code of ethics

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Code of Ethics

Mission and company values are contained in the Code of Ethics, which is the reference point for all people who work at Eurostandard and with us.

The objective of our Code of Ethics is to define and spread the ethical principles and the reference behaviour rules that must be observed by all those who work to achieve the company targets.