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// progress, ethics, responsibility

Fondazione Fiemme Per

We are among the Founding Members of Fiemme Per, Organization of the Third Sector (OTS).
The Foundation aims to promote the cultural growth, the sharing of knowledges and know-how, the dialogue between generations with the aim of reacting to the many fragilities of our time, enhancing them as opportunities for growth and change.

// energy for the territory

Comunità Energetica FIEMME

We are among the Founding Members of “Comunità Energetica FIEMME – Società Cooperativa”, first CER of Trentino.
The project aims to promote energy saving, production and self-consumption of locally produced renewable energy, and thus the promotion of local resources.
It is a collective participation project that wants to bring energy sources back to our doorstep.

// noi con Fiemme Per


Con i progetti e gli strumenti messi in campo, FiemmePER si pone come infrastruttura sociale che -assieme agli attori del territorio- vuole dare un contributo concreto allo sviluppo sostenibile della Val di Fiemme, quale laboratorio di innovazione sociale, economica e culturale.