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Winning team

The EUROSTANDARD Organization starts from the idea that the internal resources coordination can give positive results only if this is channeled towards the achievement of clear and definite objectives. The managing integrated offices and the experience achieved inside the Company allow to face, through our professional synergies, any subject in each specific aspect. This takes place through the creation of a “winning team” that exploits all its internal research potential for the development of solutions with high technical significance.

Made in Italy

The meaning of “Made in Italy” is therefore proved in an efficient and efferctive way with relevant results. The Company is interpreting the customer needs and expectations proactively by bringing forward solutions based on constant updating in technological and legal aspects.


Our aimed and exhaustive proposals, always in compliance with the international standard directions arise from a vanguard technical competence which is makes use of the most sophisticated control systems. They guarantee each EUROSTANDARD manufacturing phase, in the various analysis and development procedures. In this sense, there also exists the ideal conditions to test innovative solutions that take account of problems linked to both the internal and external environment.

  • Eurostandard

    We are the Company specialized in the manufacturing of PE100 polyethylene fittings for pressure pipelines for the distribution of gas, water and fluids under pressure.

    We feel ourselves as the expert of the field and our commitment in this area is always full time.

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