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Total quality, absolute safety and respect for the environment: the decades-long experience of Eurostandard is mainly based on these priorities.

An entrepreneurial adventure born during the year 1965, when Antonio Zeni established his company, manufacturing high density polyethylene crates. Within few years the company rapidly imposed itself, became a leader company reaching an important market share. Later the plastic bottles and cans became successful on industrial scale and the crisis in the packaging sector is inevitable.

Antonio Zeni showed great intuition and tenacity and turned the factory of Tesero (TN) into the production of polyethylene fittings for pressure pipelines. The know-how acquired in the plastic material moulding lead the company to develop itself and compare in a winning way with the subjects linked to gas and water distribution either in the civil sector or that industrial.


According to full respect of technological standards and with compliance to the required international standard directions, Eurostandard is using the most sophisticated control systems, guanteeing high safety margins and reliability for each application type. At the same time Eurostandard proactively interprets Customer needs and expectations. Therefore, the key word is specialization: be leader on the market, in order to guarantee high safety and in order to grow in the production with respect to the surrounding environment.

Today, Eurostandard supports its excellent position on the world market of the fittings for pressure pipelines by constant updating of the technological content of its products: indeed 10% of the total company turn-over is yearly reserved to investments for research & development of new manufacturing solutions, according to the “headstrong” will to improve.


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  • Eurostandard

    We are the Company specialized in the manufacturing of PE100 polyethylene fittings for pressure pipelines for the distribution of gas, water and fluids under pressure.

    We feel ourselves as the expert of the field and our commitment in this area is always full time.

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