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Since January 1993, first between the Italian companies in its sector, Eurostandard has been certified according to the standard ISO 9001. Eurostandard is provided of a quality management system which involves and manages all activities within the Company in order to achieve the optimum level of the quality standards.

The Quality Assurance guarantees the integration of the various activities which determine the quality of the system itself. The codified and controlled management of the company activities are described in the documents which form the system manual and the relative managing and technical procedures.

Since April 2003, Eurostandard has been also certified according to the standard ISO 14001, therefore showing its capacity to involve and manage all activities within the Company in order to render to the minimum the environmental impacts deriving from themselves and avoid pollution.

The management and control methodologies of the firm activities are described in details in the system manual and in the environmental procedures.

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    We are the Company specialized in the manufacturing of PE100 polyethylene fittings for pressure pipelines for the distribution of gas, water and fluids under pressure.

    We feel ourselves as the expert of the field and our commitment in this area is always full time.

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